Free Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce

Free Gourmet Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce Recipe



This Home Made Gourmet Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce Recipe makes some of the Best Tasting and Hottest Carolina Reaper Pepper Sauce in the World.


Give this Gourmet Carolina ReaperHot Sauce Recipe a try. I Guarantee you will Love the Taste & Flavour, and the Heat of the Carolina Reaper Pepper will knock your socks off.


This Gourmet Sauce is Made from Etremely Hot Carolina Reaper Pods or Carolina Reaper Pepper Pods available for sale on our website.


Give this Gourmet Carolina ReaperPepper Hot Sauce Recipe a try, if you have the Balls to do so?


Ingredients Required:


8oz. or 1/2lb. Carolina Reaper Pods, or Carolina Reaper Flakes

8 - 8oz. Cups of Water

1 - 8oz. Cup of Vinegar

1 - Medium Onion Chopped Fine (Add More or Less to Adjust the Taste you Want)

4 - Pieces of Fresh Garlic from a Garlic Clove Chopped Fine (Add More or Less to Adjust the Taste you Want)

1 - Tablespoon of Garlic Powder

4 - Tablespoons of Sugar

4 - Tablespoons of Salt

8 - Tablespoons of Honey





Put All Ingredients in a Large Pot on Medium Heat Until it Starts to Boil.


Lower Heat to Simmer, and Cook for 3-4 hours. Stir Occasionally.


You can Use a Potato Masher, or Hand Blender in the Sauce to make it all Really Fine if you wish.


Once Done Let it Stand for 1 Hour, Then put it in your Favorite Sterilized Bottle or Mason Jar etc.


Now Try the Hot Sauce you made and let me know what you think.


Be Warned, This makes a Really Hot Carolina Reaper Pepper Sauce.





You Can Substitute the Carolina Reaper Pepper with Trinidad Scorpion Pepper, Scotch Bonnet Pepper, Habanero Pepper or any other Hot Pepper you like.


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